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We’re counting down the days to this year’s Blackmores Sydney Running Festival and the Suncorp Bank’s runPositive site is bursting with inspirational stories from the runners set to pound Sydney’s streets on the 21st of September.

Rob, Melissa and Tara are three members of our community, who embody the reason runPositive was created – to bring people together and allow them to inspire and support one another.

Rob’s Story:


I runPositive to do 40 half marathons (21.1km) for my 40th birthday!

Approaching his 40th birthday, Rob began to reflect on life and how blessed he is to have experienced all that he has in 40 years. To honour the milestone, Rob has undertaken the challenge of completing 40 half marathons in his 40th year.

Running to raise money for two organisations close to his heart – EightyTwenty Vision and MS Society – Rob wants to give back in acknowledgment of how fortunate he has been in life.

Having completed 19 of his 40 runs, Rob is well on his way to accomplishing his goal. Next week Rob will be running in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival as part of runPositive, to mark the half-way point in his challenge.

What an inspiration you are Rob and good luck for BSRF!




Melissa’s Story:


I runPositive for those who can’t.

Having been diagnosed at the age of 19 with debilitating arthritis, Melissa is competing in the 2014 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival to raise awareness for a very personal cause –Arthritis Australia.

Waking up one morning in complete agony, the doctors diagnosed Melissa with arthritis and were unable to confirm what the future held for her. Leaving her life as she knew it behind, Melissa was incapable of walking and had to forget about keeping up her training.

Thanks to the research, support and hard work of Arthritis Australia, Melissa is now able to lead an active and full life.

Melissa feels lucky to be even stronger than before her diagnosis and is thankful she can attempt such a feat while others with her condition are unable to.

Running with the inspiring personal motto of “tough times don’t last, tough people do” we wish Melissa the best of luck in completing the BSRF Half Marathon.



Tara’s Story:


I runPositive for HCU!

2013 proved a difficult and emotional year for Tara and her family. Having previously dealt her daughter being diagnosed with childhood cancer a few years earlier, Tara’s eldest son was diagnosed with Homocystinuria (HCU), a rare degenerative disease.  Just weeks later it was also revealed that Tara’s younger son was facing the same diagnosis.

Tara is taking part in this year’s Blackmores Sydney Running Festival in the hope of raising much needed funds for HCU research. Tara founded HCU Network Australia Inc. this year as an organisation dedicated to raising awareness and research funds for this rare genetic disease.

Although HCU is a target disease, screened for at birth by newborn screening programs across Australia, the disease was not detected in either of Tara’s sons. Tara and her family continue to be truly grateful to the medical professionals involved in the management and treatment of her sons as well as the support groups of parent carers and patients from across the globe.

Good luck in the upcoming BSRF Tara, and thank you for sharing your amazing story with us at runPositive – we are sure your family are very proud.


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